Customer News

Welcome to New Radiocars Online booking. This area of our site is principally addressed to our local customers in Salford, we have other sites posted elsewhere offering a more national and international appeal, as you may have guessed from the main body of the site. We hope that you like the site concept of on-line booking, we certainly do and see it as the way ahead for transport in Salford. The rapid expansion of internet services has indicated to us that we must change or face the prospect of decline. New Radiocars was one of the first companies in the area to implement a computerised dispatch system with a call back facility, for increased customer security, therefore it seems appropriate that New Radiocars should, once again, be at the forefront of innovation to launch this innovative service, adding to customer security.


So, what is the purpose of this page. Its really just to keep you the customer, up to date with what we are doing and services and offers we are giving at such times as Christmas and New Year, things like that. You may have seen our helpers at Morrisons in Swinton and Tesco in Walkden. These are helpers we supply to help you, our customer. We know of the struggle people suffer getting to the taxi pickup point at Tesco, and our young people are there to help you. They will also be there to help B & M Bargains customers too. We have developed close links with the shops disrupted to ensure that we support customer as much as possible and our young people are our response. After receiving feedback, we are now committed to providing you with this service.


I you have any observations about the service we provide , we would be grateful if you would let us know in order that we might improve that aspect of the service .